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Aug 14 - 12:09 pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Milo will reprise his role as Rory's ex-boyfriend,Jess Mariano,in the sixth season of the show.He'll back in episode 8,scheduled to air Nov. 1.
Milo previously said the only way he'd ever make tracks back to Stars Hollow was if Jess were being killed off. Well, Amy Sherman-Palladino apparently offered him the next-best thing — redemption. "I've been told Jess would not be a jerk," Ventimiglia says. "He'd actually be the hero."

"The shit is going to hit the fan," teases exec producer Amy Sherman-Palladino. "He comes back and throws Rory and Logan into a bit of a tailspin."


Sisterhood of the traveling pants and Gilmore Girls/1 Alexis (again.) [

Apr 10 - 3:31 pm]
[ mood | amused ]

28 icons
9 Gilmore Girls
19 Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants(found more caps. wee!)
Image hosted by Image hosted by
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Sisterhood of the traveling pants, gilmore girls [

Apr 7 - 10:58 pm]
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walls will tumbleCollapse )


Mar 30 - 10:10 pm]
UPDATE->->new milo ventimiglia news.
I mentioned in my last entry that he may be appearing in a tv show, and YES i did hear that rumour.
The show is called "The Bedford Diaries"
We won't know until may wether or not the WB will pick it up-lets up they do and not make another mistake like turning down the Jess spinoff.
Ill update again as soon as i find more information.
my current info:
Show Information
Title:The Bedford Diaries
Status:waiting till may to see if the pilot gets picked up by the wb (cross your fingers)
Running Time:60 min drama
Produced:By HBO productions and will be filmed in new york
Milo's Character
Role:Richard Thorne III, but will go by Rick or Trey
Character Description:He will be the editor of the college newspaper. He's a troubled, kind of dark person with a past(will he ever stop playing these characters?) and comes from a wealthy family.
Facts:Everyone at the WB network wanted Milo for this part and persued him and only him for the role.
I found this and you can find addition information on the show at milo ventimiglia fan

American Dreams:Episode 3.61-Its My Life(Season Finale!) [

Mar 30 - 9:49 pm]
This episode was nice because it had Milo Ventimiglia in it.
But a lot of their lines were way cheesy and what happened between them was way rushed.
I mean, even though i love chris and am not upset that he burned down a war building (very much anti war for me, but thats a completely different discussion), he did lie to Meg. And you have to say, that is completely RUINING a relationship. Everything a relationship stands for and all of its foundation. Its just not okay.
So she could so easily forgive him and start talking to him as if they were friends?
The fight was good in the very beginning, and I too was very upset when I heard the words "i got drafted."
One more reason to hate war.
So then Meg tells her mom she and chris are "not really friends" but then sets up a special dinner for him, and when he repeats that he loves her she says it in such a casual way like "goodmorning chris."?
Maybe its one of those "you don't know what you got til its gone"
and either she was sad when chris left or she couldn't imagine never seeing him again if he disapeered.
But Meg had a plan-College, Bandstand, Family, Roxanne, how could she just decided in two seconds "oh, i think i'll leave with the boyfriend i wouldn't talk to a couple months ago"?
and he said he didn't want her to-but suddenly he agreed?
i could understand his side better. But, i also like Milo Ventimiglia better than Brittany Snow...he has a much better scowl.
And after everything her best friend and her family said to her-she still decided to go? Maybe its just me, but i could never do that. The guilt, the regret, i would miss it. Even though my family and i don't get along much, they are still there. and my best friend. i could not leave my best friend. ever. ever. especially if it meant probably not being able to see her ever again.
Chris does need her though/
But heres my prediction-> Since this is the season finale, next season Meg is going to leave California because she will realize how much she misses her family, even though shes going to miss chris. Bummer. A rhyming bummer. That means less Milo for me. Which sucks. And its very possible that ill stop watching the show. If only he hadn't been drafted...stupid war. Taking milo away from me. they are going to pay for that.
I have heard a rumour that he could be in a new show next year-heres hoping. I mean, he has to be doing something. As ive seen Cursed twice, im pretty confident there will be no sequal.
Well-rating for the episode. It depends. parts of it get like one star-incredibly cheesy and corny. but other parts get four. This is probably really biased, but i think Milo did a much better job than Brittany did. But, so did vanessa lengies(roxanne) maybe its not so opinionated.
Looking forward to at least a bit more Chris next season.

Gilmore Girls:Season 2.33-Richard in Stars Hollow [

Mar 30 - 9:49 pm]
I skipped "Secrets and Loans" basically because ive seen that episode a zillion times, and i decided to skip it to read more of Popes translation of "The Illiad" Which i really should be
I had never seen this episode-again, shocker-but as soon as i realized jess was in it i just HAD to see it.
I know, obsessed. But I was having withdrawls-no milo for an entire day? How was i supposed to go through school the next day? I don't know how i did it. Maybe because american dreams was on tonight. (To come later)
This episode was an interesting side of Richard. I'd always liked him (yay he hated dean!) but my GOODNESS did he annoy the hell out of me today! I was right along with Lorelai-who the fuck does he think he is, messing around and judging his adult daughters life? If my parents did that with me and my 16 year old daughter...well lets say it really wouldn't be pretty.
And although I hate Dean with unbelievable passion, it was still dumb when Richard wouldn't let Rory take the car because HE thought it wasn't safe.
Besides, if he didnt let her have the car, then what car would jess crash? and if jess didn't have a car to crash, how would he move back to new york? and if he didn't move to new york, how would Rory come visit him? and if Rory didn't come to visit him, how could he come back? and if he didnt come would they ever get started?
sorry that was so long.
So, that part was intersting but extremely irritating.
Now what i must say about the Rory/Jess moments (something I wouldn't miss); its a lot like "The Bracebridge Dinner" it also reminded me of Season 4 premire, "Ballrooms and Biscotti" when Taylor named her 'Ice Cream Queen'.
Another cute "what Jess would do for Rory" moment. Plus, he owes her an eggroll. Thats a date that is, right there.
Im excited about tomorrows rerun-one of my favorite (and any Jess&Rory fans)-A Tisket, a Tasket.
( i rated this a 3 and a half out of five stars.)

Gilmore Girls:Season 2.31 The Bracebridge Dinner [

Mar 29 - 3:25 pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Haven't done a review in a while, and since im watching all of the season two ones, thought i'd start up again.
I didn't even know about this episode so it was really fun to watch, it was like watching a premire episode. One thing that i liked about it was how Lorelai and Emilys relationship was in a good place and had no stress on it, even when Emily came for Lorelais help. It was a rare thing to see, and although sometimes Emily gets on my last nerve, she does love Lorelai very much.
I loved Lorelais pouty face to get Luke to go-hilarious! One of the perks of being a girl, for sure.
Loved Luke&Jess's relationship. They are so much a like in their sarcastic, slightly pescimistic broody ways. Plus, they both love Gilmore Girls. But as Christopher said in "Wedding Bell Blues"-"No one can resist a Gilmore Girl" Luke and Jess are like my favorite family.
The Jess/Dean almost fight was a bit weird, and it gave Dean that look-I hate that look! Angry/Jelous/Mr. Manly Man. It is very sexist. Plus, he threatened to kill Tristan with that face. Its ugly and weird and takes itself way to seroiusly, and has absolutely no variation.
I guess I could understand why Rory was mad at Jess-but she got over it. Them in the carrige was such a squee-worthy moment! Jess is so much more the right guy for her then Dean could ever be.It showed how much they relate to eachother,it was great.
I also realized this is the first episode that Dean suspects something between Rory and Jess. Well duh, how could you miss it?
the ruining of the snowman-you gotta love Jess. Predictable, but sweet all the same.
I loved this episode-absolutely loved it.
I love seeing Paris&Rory as friends.
five out of five stars, for sure



Mar 28 - 4:53 pm]
credits, plus sites for caps i didn't have in there beforeCollapse )

Gilmore Girls Misc, Rory/Jess and *gasp* non milo! (alexis bledel) [

Mar 27 - 4:30 pm]
[ mood | content ]

yay i love brushes.
teasers: Image hosted by Image hosted by
ill tell you one thing we're better togetherCollapse )


American Dreams, GG(Jess/Rory, Jess&Fam) and one milo [

Mar 26 - 10:55 am]
Just 21 Icons, including my first three animated
tease me:Image hosted by Image hosted by
some say we're never meant to grow upCollapse )

Jess,Jess/Rory,Jess/Liz,Lorelai/Sookie,anti-dean,Jess/Rory Header [

Mar 22 - 10:30 pm]
36 gilmore girl icons.
Image hosted by Image hosted by
welcome to existenceCollapse )

gardenstate, cinderella story, miscelaneous simple bases [

Mar 18 - 4:05 pm]
some bases for other enjoyment.
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Mar 2 - 4:21 pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I decided to write down (some of)my favorite Gilmore Girls Quotes...
because its all great.Collapse )



Mar 1 - 10:29 pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i decided on a cut tonight.Collapse )



Feb 23 - 10:31 pm]
[ mood | blank ]

that 70s show was bearable besides the almost-but-not jackie/hyde, because i know the spoilers. yaayyy.
it made me laugh, very hard, when hyde asked fez "do you know what jackie was going to tell me at the record store?"
"no....i was not there" *pause* "i was away on buisness"
"hyde, i lied to you when i said i was away on buisness."
i dont really care much about the couples or topher grace leaving (since his character is so boring this season) but i care about Fez, oh yes i do.
But kelso cant leave. ashton kutcher may have better thigns (seriously dude wheres my car, more punk'd, etcetera) but i love kelso! hes so funny, and he and fez together are part of the show that makes me laugh so much. Its going to suck, being kelsoless. ive always depended on T7S to be one of those shows i can just..laugh at. even if things arent humorous in life, you know? like they were talking about in scrubs last week.
jack&bobby was good-the end with marcus&and his dad was painful.
i also find myself feeling sorry for grace, even though she bothers me very very much.
i love that new guy-courtneys boyfriend? i loved him since first sight. he is just adorable and funny, and it doesnt bother me that he stands between jack and courtney since you know they're going to "be in love" anyways by courtneys future self in the interviews. So when he lied about the formal, i was shocked in a bad way. i thought it wasnt that big a deal after i saw courtney sort of forgiving him, but for next week..i just feel awful. which is dumb because its a tv sh ow, but i cant believe he did that. it looked like jack and katie saw him in an airport.. so based on that, i figure that he was telling the truth when he said he had a girlfriend back home. he was lying when he said he made it up. but of course its also possible that it wasnt in an airport and its some girl he just started dating. but i still cant belive it, what a bastard. i really like courtney.
so tomorrow is supposed to be the best oc episode this season.
hmmmm, havent watched thursday night tv in a while.
its nice to have time too sometimes though, watching telivison.



Feb 23 - 7:56 pm]
[ mood | gr. jess come back ]

gilmore girls last night...
luke and lorelai are definitely getting back together, its unavoidable. "do you love me"
was soo perfect for that.
because they love eachother, its obvious. and i really hope they get backtogether, and id love to see it.
i found out yesterday that yes, milo really did say he was never coming back to gilmore girls. he said jess had "run his course"
uh..hello? does he even know the character? jess obviously loves rory very much still, why would he just leave and never return?
and wb wants him back..thats awful.
i noticed last night before the end of the episode how awkward logan and rorys kisses were...they were supposed to be "passionate"
perhaps a void between matt and alexis?
or is that the last long term boyfriend rory had was jess played by alexis real life boyfriend.
who knows?



Feb 19 - 3:34 pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

The recent gilmore girls episode-i thought it was just awful. wasnt it awful?
it wasnt awful as in bad-but depressing.
Lorelai has dated many a men, even been engaged and left by the father of her child, but she has never been this upset. She is so clear that Luke is "the one", has she ever been like that before? I don't think so.
And i think she's right.
And they just have to get back together, if not this weeks episode than the next, because its what was supposed to happen. Shes just showing so much pain. i want to give her a big hug.
I did think the ribbons were HILARIOUS. Gypsy makes me laugh as well. and rorys "oh...i dont usually ride in limosines" awkward moment was sehr sehr amusing.
This is such a dilemma. because lorelai and luke BELONG together, but jess and rory BELONG together, and thats all just sooo wrong because then they would be related. more. and thats sort of wrong. perhaps Luke isnt really related to his..sister..or..jess was switched at that would be drama.
i like logan and rory more than dean and rory, of course. and how cute was the image of him twirling her hair in the "next week" sneak peak?
but it wont last, because jess will be back.
oh yes he will.



Feb 12 - 6:52 pm]
[ mood | blank ]

New journal, felt necessary.
this is an entry i've been meaning to post for a while.
I've spent some time analyzing Rory's relationship with boys. Dean was very interesting to Rory, mostly because he actually noticed her. He was more mature in relationships then the other boys in her shcool as well. Also, he adored and was devoted to her. He treated her very well and made her feel special to everyone else. But, he obviously wasn't perfect. When it came to education and inteligince, he really wasn't at her level. Plus, he had an anger and jealousy problem that was annoying as hell. He also had no real goals or purpose. Dependable Dean became boring and regular by the time Jess came into the picture. Jess was a lot like the new Tristan. Tristan was the good looking 'bad boy' who also happened to be smart and rich. He had fallen for Rory, but of course Dean was in the way, and before Rory realized she could've had something different with Tristan he was gone. Then here comes Jess, who was way more on Rory's level of inteligence and challenges her in her wit in a friendly way. He is also dubbed 'dangerous' which is of course interesting (and happens to be incredibly gorgeous). He is hostile towards everyone besides Rory, whom he actually shows care for. Jess continues to fight for Rory's attention without being entirely clear or at all forceful to having a better relationship. Rory realizes how much better Jess is then good boy Dean when shes alone with jess, especially in "A Tisket, A Tasket" and finds herself defending Jess after the car accident. When she feels lost and unimportant, she skips off school (which is totaly not Rory like) to go see Jess in New York, risking not being there for her best friend and Mother, which obviously shows how much she cares about him and enjoys being with him. Dean has really been boring her with his regularity, anger, jelousy, and lack of inteligence. I think seeing Lorelai and Christopher so happy togethered to her showed her that relationships should have a lot of passion in it, even if its long-awaited. Jess showing up at Sookies wedding showed her that he still cared about her as much as she did for him, and took the chance and chose between Jess and Dean right then and there when she kissed him. But this choice scared her off to Washington D.C., mainly because she was afraid of confronting her first boyfriend of a year. Then, seeing Jess with someone else forced her into the arms of Dependable Dean. Jess and Rorys friendship was ruined because they both were so hurt and unwilling to confess how they felt for eachother. Rory knew she wasn't in love with Dean anymore, but she wanted the realiablity. Im sure all of us have been in relationships like that. She showed how she wasn't feeling for Dean anymore when she was dyeing Lanes hair, and Lane was going on about how perfect Rory and Dean were and Rory remained silent and her face showed the truth. It was extremely obvious when Rory exploded at Jess's "girlfriend", egged his car and constantly threw Dean in front of him. Dean himself finally had to give up when she had a rant with Jess at the dance marathon, shifting Dean aside unless she was infront of Jess and his "girlfriend". Rory must have gotten over Dean while still dating him, because after he broke it off she wasted no time telling Jess the truth, and then dating him. She began crying on Lorelais shoulder because an era of her life was over, two years of a reliable boyfriend was gone. Rory and Jess obviously felt very strong for eachother, and Rory was even ready to give her virginity up to him. But Jess had a lot of problems in his life. Luke had been the only one who had really belived in Jess and cared about him and showed it, and that mattered to Jess even if he didn't show it. When Luke told him how his life was going down the drain and kicked him out, Jess was shattered. If Rory knew the truth, Jess knew that he would loose her in the same painful way, he wasn't ready to talk about it anyways. And when his father showed up, he realized how much he didn't know about who he is and what he was going to do now. Rory had so much going for her, and all Jess had was Rory. He left, and sacrificed what he and Rory had left. Rorys heart was broken, and she could barely show it because people would tell her "i told you so". It wasn't long before Rory realized she needed to move on, and told the silent phone Jess that, telling him her feelings (that she loved him), but the truth, that their future was shattered. Her dating failed miserably after that. She also saw Dean getting nmarried, something she could have had. She felt drawn to this because this is what Jess had not been for her, stable and reliable. When jess came back, she seemed to want to talk to him but of course it was awkward for him, he must have known how much he hurt her, the only thing he loved. Jess told her he loved her and just left, which was a horrible move, showing Rory that he still couldn't be there. But it also was a step, talking about his feelings (which you would never excepct from the brooding badboy). Rory still had feelings for Jess but wanted the reliability that was with Dean, and was too afraid to leave with Jess when he came back for her. she later addmited to lane that she wanted to go, but knew he would probably leave her again. Dean, of course, had never gotten over her, and was there when she wanted reliabilty. But he wasn't as stupid anymore, he realized that their highschool romance was just that, in the past and over. Rory felt she just kept loosing everything, and there was logan to stand by her side. Logan is a combination of Jess and Tristan, confusing, gorogeous, rich, smart, and interested. Rory just wants to have a "fling" with him, so that there will be no more heartbreak, no more leaving or cheating or erratic visits. But she has never got that before, i doubt Logan could give that to her now. He obviously sees that she is something different, and if Jess can do it, why can't Logan?
But it doesn't matter, because jess is coming back. I am completely convinced Jess will be back, their story can not be over. It just can't, Rory was the only thing that Jess ever loved or cared about.


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